Musically App: 12 Things That New Users Need to Know

By January 18, 2019Musically Guide is an amazing app which has hit the charts leaving behind the vine and Dubsmash app. It is not just a lip-syncing app, this can be the key for you to be in a limelight. There are currently millions of people around the globe who have become a professional musers. It has become very popular amongst the teens. Just like viners in Vine there are millions of musers in and the number is growing.

Basically this app works on most of the Android and iOS platforms, but warning for those who are deciding to upgrade the iOS to iOS 10 as there are some fixes needed in this app if you are using iOS 10. We have never experienced any issue with Android devices.


If you are thinking that it is same as Dubsmash then you are wrong! is not just any lip-synching app, it is much more than that! This app gives you different and creative challenges that you can compete through a video and share it with others. Users not only can create their videos but also edit them in a remarkable way. Right now there are over an 80 million registered musers among those about 11 million users are active.

There are various editing features which are only accessible if users share their video to certain apps like Instagram. Currently this app is available free of charge in google play store, you can just dive into it and install it. There are only a few in-app advertisements.

There are various things that you may didn’t know about, and the 12 most important are listed below:

1. Easy to become a Professional Muser?

Well there is nothing much to do, you just need to find the perfect angle and shot while recording yourself. When you start to record yourself then there are certain things that can get you the likes you need for your video like combining hand gestures with some expressions, moving your camera and adding some effects or just by combining background and lighting with the song you are picking.

You can also view videos of many musers online in youtube or instagram to learn from the professionals or you can read out guide of How to use musically app?

2. You can go LIVE!

Yes, it’s true! You can go live on through by streaming videos live. It is available for all users. They can broadcast their videos live to their fans, online friends or other on app. You can engage with your fans in real time as it allows users to have real-time interaction.

How to Go Live On Musical.lyIn this user should be at least 13 to use this app, however be aware of the inappropriate comments from the viewers.

3. Crazy Challenges & Contests

If you are person who love to compete or do crazy stuff then you are in a right place. As updates many challenges for the musers to do. There are many popular trends that had come and gone in which there is one that you might be heard of i.e. #DontJudgeChallenge in which users first become as ugly as possible then transform into as beautiful as possible. Challenges & Contests

This will allow yourself to record by just focusing on a particular topic. You can see the most trending tags used by musers just by clicking on the search icon. Remember to use hashtags for your videos, it might bring you additional traffic.

You can also support social issue campaign like the recent hashtag i.e. #IAmAWitness campaign for supporting a Bullying Prevention Awareness just to share everybody about how you discourage bullying

4. Multiple Sharing Options

You can not only post your videos on but also you can also post them in various other social media networks. There are multiple options for user who want to share their videos to a particular friend or on a particular social network. They can also privately record any video and send it to any single individual. Sharing Options

They can share their musicals in facebook, twitter, youtube (there are more than 23 million results on Youtube), whatsapp etc.

5. Mind boggling Video Effects!

There are some crazy effects that you can find on, which can help you to improvise your videos. Once you get bored with a certain effect then you can just change it according to your themed music. If you are new then you can find an option to slow down your video according to the lip-synching with music. You should explore the app and find the suitable mode for your style.

There are modes like Slow, Fast, Normal, Epic and Time Lapse to start off, when it comes to video editing there are various hilarious or comic effects that you can apply on the created video.

6. on Android

Even though it is a popular app, but it is not available for all the android devices. This app will not work in below version of Android 4.1 and so user need to have above given version of android to use musically app on android.

Right now the company states that they are working on this app so that it can be available for all the Android owners.

7. Account Privacy

If you don’t want to share your videos to everyone then there is an option in this app in which you can make your account private. It will be up to you to control who can view your videos i.e. only the ones who follows you will be able to view your videos.

You just need to toggle on the private account from the setting section.

8. Don’t like any follower? Block them!

Yes, you’ll be able to block anyone who annoys or bothers you on No need to worry about any such issues as you can block anyone by just following the below steps:

  • Just like any other apps like whatsapp or facebook, you need to open the profile of that particular muser whom you want to block.
  • Click on the dots displaying on the top right corner of the
  • Click on the block this user button to block that muser.


9. Get Featured on

You can get featured on this app by creating astonishing content. The best way to get featured on this app is by creating an original, creative and eye catching videos. These type of videos can become a viral video easily, which can further lead you to get featured on the app.

You can uplift your followers or hearts by moving along with the popular trends going on the internet. These trending hashtags will help you to get featured more quickly on the

10. Tricks to Get Followers

Well it may seems easy but let me assure you it is not! You need to practice more and more to become a professional muser. There are variety of tricks provided by the popular musers on internet. You can go through their videos and find that key element which makes their videos more popular.

In most videos you’ll find certain elements like:

  • Comedy: People loves comic elements in videos, it is not specifically for video they love it in almost anything.
  • Go with the hashtags: Record or play along with trends going on i.e. keep yourself updated in various trending hashtags.
  • Do not go over the top: Sometimes people try too hard to get followers and hearts, but it gets boring and irritating for other people who posts too much.
  • Duet works: If you are a couple or have friends or family member to join your video then it is perfect! As duet in is also fun to watch.
  • Have variety: If you posts videos frequently then it should be creative and original. It is not at all fun to watch videos that have common themes.

There is also a simple yet working trick to get free musically followers on you account, also there is an option that you can even get free fans and likes for your video. That simple trick is to use our online musically tool. It will provide you 20k free followers for on your account daily. Interested? use it now!

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11. You can Get Famous!

Yes! You can literally get famous through There are many internet sensations who found there career through this app like Jacob Sartorius, a 15 year old Oklahoma boy who got famous by posting variety of lip-synching videos in He debuted his first single called “Sweatshirt” which became very popular and was also listed in the top 100 Billboard charts of Canada and United States.

You don’t need to try too hard as you can just watch some demo videos and learn as it is said that you can always learn from the best!

You just need to create an epic videos to collect fame and fortune!

12. You can make Money

Yea, you heard it right! Making videos and increasing followers will surely help you to get paid. There are many companies who will pay you if you have the following two things:

  • Large number of followers
  • If you advertise their product in the videos you make and also product placements

There seems to be many major brands that are active on which can benefit you if you fulfil the above two things. Companies includes these marketing schemes just for the advertisements you place. There are many musers like Baby Ariel who make much more than you think on

This app will not only help you to showcase your talent but also encourage you to express yourself to others. So pick up your phone and become Muser now! Have Fun! Go Crazy! Be Creative! And make history!


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