How to Use on Android and Iphone?

By January 18, 2019Musically Guide

There is a musical trend going on throughout the internet where people record themselves lip-syncing their favorite song. They record themselves using a popular app known as a app, which allows you to record and edit your own musical performance and share with others. It also displays the top most liked or loved videos once you open the application. They also updated a lot of options for you to choose.

Now the question arises how to use this app? Well, it is pretty simple and easy! There are many users feeds which is displayed once you register into this app, it will help to you understand how this exactly works.

Step by Step Process to Use

First, you need to install the app from the google playstore or from itunes as it is available for all the android and iphone devices and that too free. Once you install the application, it will redirect you to a registration page where you need to register your account, after you do that you need to settle your profile. After you create your profile, the app will redirect you to the home page of the app where you’ll discover all the popular videos swarming through your homepage. We suggest that you check out their tutorial if it's the first time you use Musically.

At the top of the app screen you’ll notice three options i.e. follow, featured and mycity. Follow option allows you to follow any of your friends or other people and their daily video updates will be displayed in your home page and other users can follow you using this feature on their account or you can use free musically followers and fans generator to increase the followers. Second option featured will show you the most favored video trends. And the last option mycity will show the video updates of the people located nearby. Other users are allowed to follow you at musically to get updated from you

There are various other options which allow you to explore different options of this application. From the left of the home button there are options to create your own, notifications of the people you follow and a link which when clicked will redirect you to your own profile.

Creating a Video with

There are many ways to create a video with, you can choose a way as per your requirements. After getting well known with the videos, you would want to create yours as perfect as other make. Below are the two possible ways to create such videos:

  1. Click on pick music where you can chose your favorite track first and play it when you record yourself lip-syncing to that song.
  2. Second is shoot first option where you can make a video first and then sync the track with your video afterwards.
  3. Third is to choose a video from your phone library and then sync your favorite track according to it. Just relax, be yourself and have fun!

By choosing from the first two recourse you’ll be redirected to the video shooting feature where you need to just press and hold the video button to shoot after you select the shooting mode either epic, slow, norm, fast or lapse. Users can shoot videos with different comical and creative modes created by this app. Explore these different modes to see which effect is your favorite! You can create different and amazing videos that will help you to create an impression among your friends and others!

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